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If you have not done the preliminary self-attunement to the JARS system please follow the link below to do so. We suggest working with the energy of the JARS sigil for a few days before getting any of the master attunements offered on our store site.


What is an attunement?
An attunement is an energetic link given to a practitioner either via another practitioner who has already been attuned to an energy or current, or directly from the spirits that govern that energy/current. This is a direct connection to that energy, making it much easier to work with the spirit or force you are then linked to. Think of this like tuning your body and spirit into an energy frequency, very much like tuning a radio. While you may get the signal of a radio station by getting "close" to the energy signal, you will never get it as clearly as tuning directly to the proper channel. An attunement accomplishes this through energetic means and "tunes" you into the proper frequency to efficiently work with that energy.

Attunements are most popular in the Reiki world as this is how Mikao Usui was taught by the spirit to transfer his gift of energy healing from himself, to other students. Over the last several years I have been working with the spirits directly to come up with a system of attunement to attune practitioners to specific gifts and frequencies. This has proven to be an amazing way to tune other practitioners into the magickal gifts and spirits that I work with and has had an extremely high success rate.

By getting an attunement to a specific spirit or energy body it allows you to be tuned in to their energy frequency, which makes working with them much easier. You will receive messages much more clearly, you will be able to embody their energy and run it through your energy body. You will be able to tap into their gifts and use them yourself. The sky really is the limit once you begin to explore the energy.

If you have had Reiki attunements or other attunements in the past, these will be very easy for you to accept and they will most definitely empower your current workings 🙂

I have been practicing Reiki for about 20 years as well as magick. The attunements were a gift given to me by the spirits for being faithful to them all these years. I was guided on how to do this process by both Lucifer and Arch Angel Michael who worked in tandem making sure I was fully connected to the infernal and divine realms to ensure the attunements were as balanced and powerful as they possibly could be.

While you can work with the JARS sigil on its own and have some pretty profound experiences with it. By getting direct master attunements from me will open up the connection to the specific energy you are seeking at a much more profound level. If compared to Reiki, whatever you do through the self attunement and use of the sigil would be equivalent to about a level 2 reiki attunement, whereas any of the master attunements I send will be about the equivalent of a level 3 or master attunement.

The daemonic attunement can be done for any specific daemonic spirit, 1 spirit per attunement. I currently offer attunements to all the spirits of the Goetia, Grimoirum Verum, and Grand Grimoire. If you have other Daemonic spirits you'd like attuned to please inquire with me before your purchase to ensure that I can do it for you.

At this time I am trying to keep the attunement collection as clean as possible so simply put the spirit you'd like attuned to in your comments at check out. Once I figure out how to add the options in a drop down that will be how it is done, however at this time it appears shopify only allows a certain number of options in a drop down.

The Daemonic Attunement was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: May 11, 2021

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