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Scirlin 8x10 Slate Gateway

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Scirlin has the power to compel other demons to appear whether willing or not, once an invocation has been made.

Although he is in direct servitude of Lucifer, he is never mentioned alongside Agliarept and Satanachia as a general under Lucifer's command. He is also not listed amongst the chiefs or inferior spirits of the grimoire. This is another factor which contributes to the mystery around this demon.

Despite his seeming simplicity, his direct association with the three chief devils is an obvious indicator of potency and great care should be taken when dealing with this

This is made apparent by the fact that in the grimoire the operator must call upon Scirlin first, before one of the three infernal Princes/Chiefs, then a prince, then an inferior spirit. He acts as a gatekeeper to the underworld, and as such may possibly be able to be employed to open the gates for a wide variety of other Spirits from the underworld.

This sigilized gateway includes his conjuration, seal, and artist rendering of his appearance, and may be used to great effect to summon forth Scirlin to the Sorcerer.

Made on slate with plastic easel feet. Approximately 8x10. Since these are made with love one at a time, variations do occur from piece to piece.

This item is sold as a curio only.