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The Devil's Witchcraft

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Cohort A (Registration Closed)
Cohort B Class Starts January 25, 2023 (Registration is open until February 14, 2023)


There is a lot of folklore about witchcraft that we draw from that involves "the devil" which in almost all cases is actually a local nature spirit or a solar chthonic deity. Either way the word devil appears in a lot of the folklore due to the Christianization of those areas. The course aims to help you reconnect to these primal earthly spirits and their magics. So we lovingly adopt the term devil as he is very prominent in the lore of traditional witchcraft.

You will leave this class with the skills to be able to perform spirit flight, cross into the spirit world, communicate with spirits, work with the spirits of herb, root, tree, and land, as well as all other manner of nature spirits. You will learn to cast effective spells from a circle or without. You will learn how to lay a compass, cast a circle, and create talismans and amulets. You will learn the art of cursing and curse-breaking. You will learn how to work the crossroads, the spirits of a graveyard, and how to commune with angel and devil alike. You will learn meditation, energy work, raising power, directing consciousness, and dream walking. You will learn the tools of witchcraft and how to use them, create them, and more. You will learn how to get seals and sigils of your own from spirits and learn their names. You will learn how to get a familiar spirit and how to connect to your fetch. And so much more.

Throughout history, we see references to the Devil that have nothing to do with Christianity. Stories of the crossroads deals, the devil's black book that witches sign to gain their powers, the witches' sabbath that is celebrated on Walpurgisnacht atop a mountain or in a forest clearing, the devil's games of gambling, the devil's music, and so on. History is steeped in the folklore of the devil from cultures all over the world. The devil and witchcraft have nearly become synonymous in the English speaking world.

Another common theme throughout history, folklore, and myth is the horned god, going by names like Herne, Cernunnos, Pan, Puck, Lucifer, and many others. In the devil's witchcraft, we will connect with the Witch Father from the perspective of Traditional Witchcraft, where the horned god of the Witches is NOT the Christian devil, but very much the devil of folklore and legend.

We will be working with the land, the sky, the underworld, the sea, the rivers, the mountains, and all manner of spirits. We will be working to embrace our local spirits and create relationships and a practice that will last a lifetime. We will be approaching demons and angels and faeries and all manner of creatures of legend, as witches and to create bonds and pacts. We won't be rattling chains to bind daemons but actively working alongside them in mutual respect.

The Devil's Witchcraft is 13 Month long course in Witchcraft that is based on the personal praxis of Azariel Flame, our resident witch with more than 20 years of hands-on experience, where you will be tested and challenged and ultimately either walk out of the experience, one of the Devil's own or not.

Learn the Devil's witchcraft through a fully immersive hands-on approach that will give you results you can achieve time and time again. Consort with spirits of the dead, demons, local spirits, spirits of the land, and much more. Learn folk magic with a diabolical twist, and learn to leverage the herbs, roots, dirt, and stones at your disposal to deliver great magicks both baneful and beneficent. Learn to work with both hands to become the best practical witch you can be. Make the forces of the earth, the underworld, and the infernal realms your allies. You will leave this course with all the tools necessary to continue your journey into the devil's witchcraft on your own and turn this into a lifelong practice, filled with sorcery, witchcraft and results you can't deny.
This course will give you the essential tools to practice folk magic, and witchcraft, and to continue to grow your practice for years to come.

Azariel has been practicing Traditional Witchcraft for over 20 years and brings his knowledge in this praxis together with elements from his many years of training in energy healing, spirit flight, talisman and amulet creation, folk magic, spirit work, sorcery, grimoire magic, and ceremonial magic. Presenting an easy-to-digest praxis that is meant to become a part of your everyday routine, allowing you to live an enchanted life full of magic and mystery.

The choice is yours, will you sign the Devil's black book and ensorcel your way to an enchanted life, or will you not?

The course is $50 a month for 13 months on a subscription, you in?

The lessons:

1. Walking the Crooked Path
2. Children of the Earth
3. Temple of the Emerald Flame
4. The Weapons of the Witch
5. Consorting with the Devil
6. The King of Kings
7. The Infernal Princes
8. The Four Monarchs of the Earth
9. The Devils Witchcraft
10. Working the Grave
11. Diablerie
12. The Infernal Sacrament
13. Signing the Devil's black book
14. Opening the black gate
15. Shield of the fallen
16. Sword of kings
17. Totems of the witch
18. The sorcerous saint
19. The path of light and shadow
20. Keys to the gates of the 3 worlds
21. Hounds of hell
22. Fly with the Devil
23. Igniting the mystic flame
24. Becoming death
25. The rise of the phoenix
26. The witching

There will be biweekly lessons available through your my account portal on this website. There is also a Discord group for students in your cohort to work with each other and ask questions. I will be doing a biweekly Q and A session answering questions asked in the Discord group, on the Q&A Channel.

This means Week 1 = a Lesson, week 2 = a Q and A, Week 3 = Lesson and so on.

The Q and A will be done as recordings and dropped into your course package in your account once it is done, a notification will be sent in discord when it is ready to go.

Your payment will come out on the same date every month as the day you started your payments. This means that if you payed on the 1st you'll be charged on the 1st of every month, if you register on the 23rd it will be on the 23rd of every month. Etc.


Will there be mention of specific deities?
We will be looking at possible conflations that fit the Witch Father and Witch Mother. In old Italian witchcraft, these were Lucifer and Diana, other conflations of those deities have been Herne, Cernunnos, Pan, The Green man, The Devil, and some possible conflations with other solar chthonic deities. How you choose to work with the Witch Father or "Devil" will be up to you, as the course is meant for you to develop your own relationship with him. Other conflations of Diana or the Witch Mother are Hekate, Artemis, Selene, Mene, and Luna, again how you approach the witch mother will be up to you.
For the purposes of the course they will be addressed as the Witch Father and Witch Mother and will have several of their conflations throughout the invocations, this gives you an idea of how you can play with them and allows you to either approach it like a PGM style witchcraft, or you can tailor it to be more in line with traditional witchcraft. This will vary from student to student.
We will also be working directly with Astaroth, Belzebuth, Egyn, Oriens, Paymon, and Maymon as our primary contacts. Near the end of the course, we will work with St. Cyprian of Antioch and Arch Angels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel. Beneath these "Upper Hierarchy" spirits you will have the tools to work with any Nature spirit, Land Spirit, Faery, Daemon, Angel, or otherwise from the upper, lower, or middle world, and from a variety of grimoires, all done with a take from my Traditional Witchcraft training rather than a standard grimoire approach.

Will there be a daily/weekly commitment expected of students or a frequency of practice that you would recommend for this course?
A: There is daily work, but it is not rigid, it is fluid, it is meant to fit into your every day life. The devils witchcraft is about living an enchanted and magikal life, not simply using it for emergencies. So you will be connecting to spirits of the land, the planets, flora and fauna, the underworld, the upper world etc on the daily and also be engaging in energy work that is designed to fortify you and your sorcery as well as build bonds with said spirits. So there is no rigid you must do this practice in it, things that dont bend break and we very much want an unbroken system here 

If for whatever reason you need to stop your subscription to the course we can cancel your upcoming payments, however, payments made will be non-refundable as you will have had access to those course materials. The pricing each month is reflective of the amount of content you get each month, and as such there will be no refunds on payments made.