Abundance Spell Jar
Abundance Spell Jar
Abundance Spell Jar
Abundance Spell Jar
Abundance Spell Jar

Abundance Spell Jar

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Abundance Spell Jar:

This spell jar is full of herbs, crystals, and the intention to attract abundance into the user's life.
You can use this spell jar as a tool during meditation. Hold it in your hands as you meditate and focus on what it is you wish to attract into your life. You can also use this spell jar in your spell work as a tool to manifest abundance.
What the spell jar contains:
Sugar| To sweeten the abundance in
Sage| To bring in money
Cinnamon| For success
Chamomile| Money
Tulip| Guard against poverty & bad luck
Cloves| Attract riches
Rose| Attract love
Juniper berries| Attract good health
Lemon| Promote friendships
Citrine gemstone| Prosperity
Sealed with green wax for abundance and wealth
Once the wax has cracked or you feel as though your jar has served its purpose you may return the contents of the jar back to the earth and give thanks for her gift.
Remove your gemstones/crystal chips, cleanse them and keep them to use again. Wash the jar, cleanse it and repurpose it how you see fit.

These products are purchased for entertainment and decor purchases. We make no medical or spiritual claims.
Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay magickal!
The Abundance Spell Jar was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 22, 2021

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