First pentacle of Mars tablet of lights
First pentacle of Mars tablet of lights
First pentacle of Mars tablet of lights

First pentacle of Mars tablet of lights

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The first pentacle of Mars, made in the day and the hour of Mars.

This is made of slate, the slate is approximately 9 7/8" in diameter, the pentacle engraving is 9" in diameter.

The First Pentacle of Mars. – It is proper for invoking Spirits of the Nature of Mars, especially those which are written in the Pentacle.
Editor’s Note.– Mystical Characters of Mars, and the Names of the four Angels:– Madimiel, Bartzachiah, Eschiel, and Ithuriel written in Hebrew around the Pentacle.

Tablets of lights work extremely well for solomonic hoodoo candle work and rootwork as well as a platform for the creation of talismans.

These are made in the day and hour needed for the creation timing. Consecration and charging is left to the client, as you may have different uses for this than what we use them for.

Please note that if we do not have stock made, we will need to wait until the day and hour of Mars to make your order. This means it could be up to a week before your item is made and up to 10 days before it ships. We take great care to make sure our pentacles are made with proper timing as we know this is important to our clients.

ALL 9" slates are now shipping at the end of September, 4" slates are shipping at regular intervals.
The First pentacle of Mars tablet of lights is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

Inventory Last Updated: Aug 02, 2021

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