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Mercury Pentacle Conjure Candle

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Mercury Pentacle conjure style candles from the greater key of Solomon. Made on the day and in the hour of Mercury. Each contains the sigil of Raphael, the third Pentacle of Mercury, and an activation prayer on the back.

  • The First Pentacle of Mercury. – It serveth to invoke the Spirits who are under the Firmament.
  • The Second Pentacle of Mercury. – The Spirits herein written serve to bring to effect and to grant things which are contrary unto the order of Nature; and which are not contained under any other head. They easily give answer, but they can with difficulty be seen.
  • The Fourth Pentacle of Mercury. – This is further proper to
    acquire the understanding and Knowledge of all things created, and to seek out and penetrate into hidden things; and to command those Spirits which are called Allatori to perform embassies. They obey very readily.
  • The Fifth and Last Pentacle of Mercury. – This commandeth the Spirits of Mercury, and serveth to open doors in whatever way they may be closed, and nothing it may encounter can resist it.
Guaranteed to be made on the day and in the hour of Mercury. These pair exceptionally well with our Mercury tablet of lights and Mercury talismans.

Please allow 5 to 10 business days for completion of this candle, we strive to keep them in stock but they are very popular and sell fast. We only make these on the day and hour of Mercury, so sometimes there is a wait list.

NOTE: We have upgraded our candles to now have a much longer burn time.

We have NEW refillable 150 hour candles, so you can re-use the glass and purchase wax refills, making it much more convenient for your altars.

Traditionally novena candles are 7-day candles, these candles will burn 150-160 hours.

Room for you to "dress" them with herbs, oils, etc.

Stands roughly 8.25" tall and 3: in diameter and is refillable.
The Mercury Pentacle Conjure Candle is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

Inventory Last Updated: Jan 17, 2022

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