Moon pentacle talisman 1st and 5th of the moon
Moon pentacle talisman 1st and 5th of the moon

Moon pentacle talisman 1st and 5th of the moon

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This lovely talisman was etched on the day and in the hour of the moon.

Measuring approximately 2" in diameter and made out of solid copper.

Double sided with the following pentacles:

The First Pentacle of the Moon. – This and the following serve to
call forth and invoke the Spirits of the Moon; and it further serveth to open doors, in
whatever way they may be fastened.

The Fifth Pentacle of the Moon. – It serveth to have answers in
sleep. Its Angel Iachadiel serveth unto destruction and loss, as well as unto the
destruction of enemies. Thou mayest also call upon him by Abdon and Dalé against
all Phantoms of the night, and to summon the souls of the departed from Hades.

This was made in a cast circle with Gabriel invoked, however we strongly recommend that you do a consecration of your own to connect this to you and your energies.

We make no claims as to the effectiveness of this tool, however we do guarantee that great care was taken in its creation and the timing of its creation.
The Moon pentacle talisman 1st and 5th of the moon is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 22, 2021

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