Rose of Jericho the Resurrection Plant - North Witch Magick Co.
Rose of Jericho the Resurrection Plant - North Witch Magick Co.
Rose of Jericho the Resurrection Plant - North Witch Magick Co.

Rose of Jericho the Resurrection Plant

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It's hard to believe these little tumbleweeds end up like the 2nd pic.

Rose of Jericho before and after.

The rose of Jericho is known as the resurrection plant because like the Phoenix it never dies. Tending this wonderful plant ally brings abundance, prosperity, business, protection, happiness, and wealth. Giving uplifting prayers to the rose and spending time with it before resurrecting it is important. Place 5 coins in the Water bowl to attract prosperity. Ask the rose to give you the things above and in exchange offer to care for it and change its water weekly on a Thursday. The old water can be saved and used in floor washes, or as a stand in for holy water for anointing during prosperity work.

These are XL size.

In store pickup available at North Witch Magick Co. in Rimbey, Alberta, Canada.

One of the little miracles in life is watching a Rose of Jericho unfurl under the sun after touching a small bowl of water.

The water that the plants soak in has potent healing properties, breaking all bad spells, and drawing good fortune to where it is poured. One can place coins in the base of the plant to draw prosperity to you. Similarly, some also place coins inside the Center of the rose and then let her dry to enclose the power into the coins. After a few days, the plant is placed in water once more, and the coins are retrieved to be spent to draw forth more blessings into your life.

The Rose of Jericho, or Resurrection Plant, dries completely up and curls up in dry times, and “lives” again when in contact with water, hence the name, Resurrection Plant.

This plant contains a very powerful desert spirit. Besides its known properties as prosperity and success bringer, when the Rose is treated with respect and love, the plant will provide greater protection to its owner, absorbing negative energies. In African traditions, prosperity and protection talismans are placed as near to the entry of the house as possible. You can also consecrate crystals, gems, and other magickal tools with the water from the Rose after it has bloomed.

For business, money, protection, healing, wishes, luck, success, and money spells.
Mold prevention care:
Put a bed of rocks underneath it. Only put in enough water to just touch the base. When the water is gone give it a 2 to 3 day break. One week per month give it a complete water break and let it dry back up into a ball. If you get a bit of mold you can give it a bath under running warm water to wash it off. Be sure to trim the brown leaves when it is fully open as well, that makes a big difference and when you water it Don't pour it over top. Put the water in the bowl, then place your rose on top of your rocks.
The Rose of Jericho the Resurrection Plant is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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