Set of 4 elemental Daemon quarter markers
Set of 4 elemental Daemon quarter markers

Set of 4 elemental Daemon quarter markers

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This set contains four quarter markers that are 4" in diameter. Made out of 1/4" baltic birch ply. These are left unfinished so that you may imbue them with offerings etc. You can use these to put candles or incense on to mark the quarters of an elemental circle. Chanting the Enns for each quarter helps raise energy while casting your circle. Chant the enn of each Daemon until you feel the energy come, then light a candle or incense for them. Lucifer - Air (Europe sigil from Grimoirium Verum) Flereous - Fire (Dukante sigil) Leviathan - Water (Dukante Sigil) Belial - Earth (Sigil from the lesser key of Solomon) All four also have the enns attached to them from S Connolly's book The complete book of Demonolatry. Pictured with a Canadian quarter and tea lights for size reference, quarter and tea lights are not included in the sale.
Life is too short to live without the Set of 4 elemental Daemon quarter markers. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 06, 2020

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