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Setting of Lights - Venus

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Here at North Witch HQ we do a weekly community spell and setting of lights to Venus. This is a great way to open you up to the power of Venus. We use the first pentacle of Venus for each of these to help the working along with the spirits. If you choose to be included in the group ritual you may have your own petition put under the group candle for $10.

Should you choose we also have the option for you to have your own candle in the ritual, and your own personal petition put on your candle and under it for $30. This will give the group ritual more potency.

We also offer personally tailored rituals that are just for you, incorporating the first pentacle, where we do the work specifically for YOU, and no one else's energies are involved, for $125

Your patronage covers the cost of the offerings, oils, herbs, candles etc used in the ritual and petitions.

All of the above are done on the day and in the hour of Jupiter.

things we can petition the ruling angels and spirits of Venus for on your behalf are: peace, agreements, cooperation, fertility, joy, love, good fortune. Jealousy, strife, promiscuity.

Please indicate in the order comments what your personal petition to the ruling angels is. All rituals include the first pentacle and we invoke Arch Angel Anael and the ruling angels of venus and give them your petition on your behalf. 

Please note that our altars are very busy and this may take a few weeks for your spell to be performed. If you need it done immediately please indicate this in your order comments and we will do our best to accommodate. These rituals typically burn for 6 to 10 days.

In keeping with tradition, all setting of lights services are sold as a novelty and we make no claims to their effectiveness.
The Setting of Lights - Venus is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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