Venus pentacle bracelet of enticement - North Witch Magick Co.
Venus pentacle bracelet of enticement - North Witch Magick Co.
Venus pentacle bracelet of enticement - North Witch Magick Co.
Venus pentacle bracelet of enticement - North Witch Magick Co.
Venus pentacle bracelet of enticement - North Witch Magick Co.

Venus pentacle bracelet of enticement

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Made on the day and in the hour of Venus in a cast circle with Anael, Nogahiel, Acheliah, Socodiah, and Nangariel invoked.

Crafted out of solid copper.

This bracelet contains all 5 venus pentacles, as well as the sigil of Anael on the back for further control and power.

Please allow up to 10 business days for this to be crafted as we guarantee your item to be made on the day and hour of Venus, and these are made to order.

We recommend that you consecrate the item once you receive it, however you see fit, to make the item more personal to you. Consecration and charging is left to the client, as you may have different uses for this than what we use them for. That being said, the angels are fully present during the crafting of this item, so your mileage may vary :) 

The First Pentacle of Venus. – This and those following serve to control the Spirits of Venus, and especially those herein written.
Editor’s Note.– Mystical Characters of Venus, and the Names of the Angels Nogahiel, Acheliah, Socodiah (or Socohiah) and Nangariel.

The Second Pentacle of Venus. – These Pentacles are also proper for obtaining grace and honor, and for all things which belong unto Venus, and for accomplishing all thy desires herein.
Editor’s Note.– The letters round and within the Pentacle form the Names of Spirits of Venus. The versicle is from Canticles viii 6:-"Place me as a signet upon thine heart, as a signet upon thine arm, for love is strong as death."

The Third Pentacle of Venus. – This, if it be only shown unto any person, serveth to attract love. Its Angel Monachiel should be invoked in the day and hour of Venus, at one o’clock or at eight.
Editor’s Note.– The following Names are written within the Figure:– IHVH, Adonai, Ruach, Achides, Aegalmiel, Monachiel, and Degaliel. The versicle is from Genesis i. 28:– "And the Elohim blessed them, and the Elohim said unto them, Be ye fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it."

The Fourth Pentacle of Venus. – It is of great power, since it compels the Spirits of Venus to obey, and to force on the instant any person thou wishest to come unto thee.
Editor’s Note.– At the four Angles of the Figure are the four letters of the Name IHVH. The other letters form the Names of Spirits of Venus, e.g.:– Schii, Eli, Ayib,etc. The versicle is from Genesis ii. 23, 24:– "This is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh. And they two were one flesh."

The Fifth and Last Pentacle of Venus. – When it is only showed unto any person soever, it inciteth and exciteth wonderfully unto Love.
Editor’s Note.– Around the central Square are the Names Elohim, El Gebil, and two other Names which I cannot decipher, and have, therefore, given them as they stand. The characters are those of the "Passing of the River." The surrounding Versicle is from Psalm xxii. 14:– "My heart is like wax, it is melted in the midst of my bowels."

PLEASE NOTE: Getting these consecrated can add up to a month to the dispatch time as we must wait for the appropriate astrological timing to do it properly. You agree to this extra wait time when you purchase this item.
On the fence about this Venus pentacle bracelet of enticement? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

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